Solar Service and Maintenance

T and M Solar is your choice for solar service, repair and maintenance. Our operations and maintenance packages offer our customers a cost effective and efficient way to keep their solar systems operating at maximum efficiency. It’s important to keep your solar installation maintained and clean. Often, solar systems are forgotten about and when left unserviced, the power production drops. We are here to help with your solar needs. Experienced with all major panel and inverter manufacturers, we can diagnose some of the most complex solar problems and find a solution for you.
Our services include:

Routine Scheduled
Preventive Maintenance

General Site Annual Inspection

  • Ensure roof penetrations are watertight
  • Ensure roof drainage is adequate, roof drains not clogged, and confirm no signs of water pooling in vicinity of the array.
  • Check for vegetation growth or other new shade items
  • Check for ground erosion near footing of ground mount system
  • Confirm proper signage still in place
  • Confirm appropriate expansion joints are used where needed in long conduit runs
  • Check for corrosion on the outside of enclosures and the racking system
  • Check for cleanliness throughout the site-no debris in the inverter pad area
  • Check for loose hanging wires in the array
  • Check for signs of infestation under the array

Detailed Visual Inspection

  • Inspect the inverter/electrical pad to make sure it does not show excessive cracking or signs of wear
  • Look for warning placards
  • Inspect PV modules for defects that can appear in form of burn marks, discoloration, delamination or broken glass.
  • Check modules for excessive soiling
  • Ensure that module wiring is secure and not resting on the roof, hanging loose, or exposed to potential damage, bent to an unapproved radius, or stretched across sharp or abrasive surfaces
  • Inspect racking system for defects including rust, corrosion, sagging, and missing/broken clips
  • Inspect conduits for proper support, bushings, and expansion joints, where needed
  • In roof-mounted systems check the integrity of the penetrations
  • In ground-mounted systems, look for signs of corrosion near the supports
  • Open door to disconnects and look for signs of corrosion or damage. Check to ensure the cabinet penetrations are properly sealed and there is no evidence of water ingress.
  • Perform visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the inverter. Look for signs of water, rodent, or dust intrusion into the inverter

* T and M Solar adheres to the Routine Maintenance standards set by the Solar America Board for Codes and Standards

Routine Scheduled Corrective Maintenance

Install and manage monitoring system
Restore production
Repair and/or replace equipment
Manage Warranty

Routine Scheduled Site Maintenance
(Recommended annually)

Module Cleaning
Shade Analysis
Vegetation Control
Rodent Infestation

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Systems typically last 20 to 25 years with little maintenance. However, it is important to make sure your Solar hot water system is working efficiently. An inefficient system will take extra electricity and significantly reduce your possible savings. Services offered include:
Replace anode rod
Inspect and repair piping insulation
Inspect pump and controller
Drain tank

Every 5 years, it is recommended to replace the anode rod in all hot water heaters

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Check for system leaks
Check pumping module and flow rate
Check valves for proper operation
Check controls for error codes
Check system pressure